Why is Functional Medicine Different?​

Functional Medicine

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Functional medicine professionals take a highly tailored approach when addressing health issues; they expertly combine their clinical insight, evidence-based research and your individual story to craft an individually customized treatment plan.

A functional medicine practitioner considers your needs, creating a plan designed to get you back to optimal health and beyond. Find alignment with your body’s natural rhythms by discovering the right path for you.

 By taking a holistic approach, functional medicine uncovers the core of your health issues and provides tailored solutions for better well-being.

Functional medicine is customized to you and your needs.

Functional medicine is like a tree whose health relies on its environment. This exposome includes diet, lifestyle, relationships and sleep, to name just some components that shape the big picture of our well-being. We are all integral contributors to cultivating an optimal ecosystem for ourselves—one with clean air, meaningful connections and mindful habits.

If the leaves of your tree go brown and spotty, by way of demonstration, conventional medicine may prescribe some paint to make them look better or even recommend cutting them off. The symptoms will be gone. However, without having handled the actual problem, they will return. By contrast, a functional medicine practitioner would explore: what caused the leaves to go brown and what does this tree need, so it doesn’t happen again?

For a tree, it might be sun, water or fertilizer. It might be increasing your intake of specific nutrients, balancing hormones or restoring your microbiome health.

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