Functional Medicine: The Natural Way to Support Thyroid Health

Thyroid Health

For those who have thyroid issues that do not have a genetic cause, functional medicine can help restore normal physiology through natural means. For centuries, people utilized plants, herbs and toxin-absorbing clay to create their remedies, which are still functional and very much required to live a toxin-free life. In functional medicine, we address nutrition first; the foundation is always in the nutrients and diet when it comes to addressing hormone function holistically. 

Ensuring Good Thyroid Health Through Nutrition:

Make sure you get the most out of your nutrition to maintain a healthy thyroid. Read on to learn about comprehensive dietary changes you can make to address your thyroid concerns.

Eliminate Dairy and Gluten:

Most people only avoid dairy and gluten when there is an evident intolerance to either food. Regarding the thyroid, gluten and dairy sensitivity are far more modest and frequently go unrecognized. These foods can promote inflammation, which can result in leaky gut syndrome, which can cause the body to mistakenly target the thyroid for the food particles it’s trying to remove. In particular, eliminating these foods may be essential to maintaining healthy thyroid function if there is an autoimmune condition.

Leave Unfermented Soy Behind:

Soy proteins have the potential to be strong anti-thyroid agents that significantly impair thyroid function. Likewise, use baby formula with particular caution. Infants’ autoimmune thyroid illness has been linked to soy formula usage. This does not imply that soy is entirely off-limits. You can continue to eat fermented soy products like tempeh, miso, and natto. The soy products that have not undergone fermentation, such as soy milk and cheese, should be avoided.

Consider Your Iodine Intake:

Iodine affects the thyroid and is found in nearly all organs and tissues. As sustaining dietary iodine levels is challenging due to our diet and environment, iodine may very well be the most crucial component of your thyroid health. Chemical agents decrease the iodine content in commercial food products. Daily exposure to chemicals found in water, such as bromine, fluorine, and chlorine, negatively impacts Iodine levels, which bind to the body’s iodine receptors. You can see why it’s crucial to concentrate on getting enough of this nutrient in your diet.

  • To reduce your exposure to chemical pesticides, you might choose to eat organic food to raise your iodine levels.
  • Avoid consuming food and beverages or storing them in plastic containers.
  • If you consume grains, look for “no bromine” or “bromine-free” labelling on organic whole-grain bread and flour.
  • Increase your consumption of ocean fish and wild seafood.
  • Use natural personal care products to decrease the number of hazardous chemicals absorbed through the skin.
  • Look for foods high in zinc and selenium: Two micronutrients essential for thyroid function include zinc and selenium. Oysters, cattle, pork, and chicken are foods high in zinc, while fish, liver, and brazil nuts are high in selenium. Achieving healthy levels through nutrition is crucial because they can be hazardous in high doses.

Control Your Stress: 

Hormone health and stress are inextricably related. To reap the rewards of general wellness, set aside time to meditate, decompress, and reset your perspective.

Functional medicine does not only focus on eliminating symptoms; it also engineers a way to change your quality of life. Holistic treatment plans, functional lab testing, scientific evidence-based treatment, and through it all is an overreaching emphasis on the patient’s wellness. If you wish to take the natural route to the wellness of body and mind, email or call us for a consultation.

I want to assist you in taking charge of your health! You can regain control over your health by learning how to balance and maintain your hormones through nutrition, lifestyle, and medical support. Please take the time to schedule a visit with us, me, or our clinic if you are experiencing thyroid problems or believe you may have them.  There are tests and thorough hormonal analyses available to assess your condition from every angle; the end purpose is to find the scientific basis for laying the groundwork of your holistic treatment plan.


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