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Are you looking for a qualified, reputable functional medicine practitioner in Dallas?

Select a Functional Medicine Practitioner in Dallas you can trust to handle your health issues in a thorough, holistic manner and provide you with full assistance. Mar360 Wellness can offer functional medicine to help you understand your health problems and target the root of the issue rather than just the symptoms.

Our Functional Medicine Practitioner, who practices in the Dallas area, may adopt a holistic body systems approach and connect the interrelated elements affecting your health to deliver practical improvements. Functional medicine practitioners are at the forefront of the latest, most cutting-edge therapeutic procedures and the scientific understanding of chronic disorders. Our functional medicine experts around Dallas can help you regain balance, whether you want to address your symptoms and their underlying causes or you’re interested in performance and health rebalancing.


When you work with Mar 360, we give you back control over your health while offering the crucial assistance you need to succeed. In our model for better health, you collaborate closely with our Functional Medicine Practitioner. I give comprehensive programmes far beyond your initial session to help you achieve your health objectives.

The goal of Functional Medicine:

Functional medicine aims to improve your general health, treat your symptoms, and find the underlying causes. Our functional medicine practitioner at Mar360 Wellness practices functional medicine close to Dallas using a holistic, data-driven approach. We provide a comprehensive framework based on functional medicine procedures motivated by the understanding that each of us is unique. This enables the members of your healthcare team to collaborate and investigate the intricate web of relationships that affects your health.

Ready to get started?

I offer private healthcare and only accept a small number of motivated individuals each month. I treat patients from Dallas and the surrounding areas. Don’t worry if you don’t reside in Dallas; I provide virtual appointments across the United States and Mexico. 

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