Bringing Balance Back Through Functional Medicine

Hormone Balance Dallas

Everything is related! A broad range of health problems is attributed to hormonal imbalances, as seen in the list above. It’s significant to consider their connection; there is a complex network of interactions between hormones. For instance, a change in melatonin levels may result in less sleep. In consequence, inadequate sleep can prevent the creation of testosterone, even in young men.

These interconnected relationships highlight the significance of approaching hormonal balance in a way that encompasses all angles. Here are just a few tried-and-true tactics that I employ in my practice:

Weight management

Yes, when your hormones aren’t working together, this might feel like a Catch-22. Reduce your caloric intake gradually rather than drastically, as this can backfire. Emphasize whole, organic foods with an emphasis on organic produce, top-notch protein sources, wholesome fats, and whole grains. Eliminate or cut back on coffee, alcohol, and processed meals.

Focus on Stress Reduction

By reducing the flight or fight reaction and its effects on hormones, stress reduction helps balance hormones. Studies demonstrate the effectiveness of stress-reduction exercises, including yoga, tai chi, and meditation.

Exercise Incorporation

Studies have proven that exercise alleviates stress by releasing feel-good hormones like serotonin. Hormone levels can be regulated by even simple walking. However, if you are new to exercise or are starting to get into a routine after a long while, it is best not to over-exert yourself or overdo it.

A gradual holistic lifestyle and dietary change can manifest noticeable changes in overall health without overtaxing your body. Determine the best course of action for you by working with an experienced functional medicine specialist. Mar360 Wellness prioritizes the patient and their well-being by addressing their concerns from the grassroots to engineer a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Incorporating Organic Vitamins

The usefulness of natural supplements for balancing hormones has to be further studied. However, historically, people have used supplements like ginseng, black cohosh, evening primrose oil, and red clover as natural medicines.  

Testing and rebalance

Your hormones significantly impact your health. Maintaining balanced hormone levels is essential to living a healthy life. Get in touch with me if you want additional testing details and a personalized health plan to take control of your hormones. Conventional medicine often leaves many questions unanswered regarding chronic health conditions. I can help you find the answers to your questions and provide the treatment you need to live a fulfilled, healthy life.


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