About Us

Dr. Maria Rivero
FMP MD (Mexico)

At a young age I knew that medicine was disconnected. There’s a saying in Mexico “you cover the sun with one finger” that really means instead of going into the origin of an issue, you fix the whole picture with one pill or one treatment.

I have suffered from a thyroid issue from a young age and saw how disjointed the traditional system of care was and I knew I could make it better. I became a medical doctor in Mexico to solve deeper issues… so we could stop looking at the body as separate parts and really start helping people solve the medical puzzles that were constantly affecting their daily life.

As a conventional medical practitioner I am able to access the best aspects of traditional medicine and combine them with lifestyle medicine with a certification in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I know that the magic in healing is mind, body and soul and I have been passionate about sharing my journey along with what I’ve learned along the way.

As a mom with four young kids and a busy life…I too understand the struggles we face with keeping up with everything. Weight, digestion and lack of energy and not feeling confident that they have the right person on their “health” team to help them are the most common issues my clients face.

We have a chance to make things better…it just takes the right strategy.


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