Functional Medicine Practitioner (Board certified MD - Mexico) specializing in Weight loss & Gut Health in Dallas.

Getting to the root cause of digestive and weight loss issues, I dive deep into your complete health status, create a customized plan to get the results you want, holding your hand along the way!

Take back control of
your life and your health!

Whether you suffer from Low energy, Weight gain, digestive issues, Bloating, heartburn, headaches, Brain fog, anxiety, sleep issues and more… help is here! Getting individualized functional testing to uncover the true issues is personalized medicine at it’s best.


Results based personalized care.

It’s time to feel empowered with the knowledge of how to heal and stay healthy. It’s time to feel vibrant and happy and check your health off your to-do list once and for all.

Work with me

If you are ready to stop trying to sort your gut or weight issues out on your own. Tired of trying and not succeeding at resolving your health concerns and want to join me in my 360 wellness gut revive…you’ve come to the right place!

The “Deep Dive”
A time to be heard. We meet and gp over your current and past health history so I can learn about you as a person and your health journey.
“The Testing”
These aren’t your averages tests…our testing process takes a look at your gut function, hormonal status and more. We have a clear picture of what is going on in your body today and what is causing a barrier to heal naturally.
“The Plan”
Based on your intake (the deep dive) and your functional testing. I Customize a step-by-step wellness plan just for you. We have a clear path on what needs to be done to get you feeling your best and I walk through lifestyle changes and the essentials of the puzzle we need to resolve in order for you to have long term, vibrant health.

Why my approach is different

I know how hard it is to manage busy lives, stay on top of everything without trying to burn out. Heck…I’m a mom of 3 young kids so I’m right there with you. But after helping thousands of patients over the past 8 years…I know that the challenges we face are both our busy lifestyles, lack of knowledge on what matters most when it comes to our health and access to practitioners that look at the entire picture, your whole body to really find out what’s going on. I am so passionate about helping my patients get off the roller coaster of medical visits, fad diets, pills for this and pills for that without ever truly changing their actual status of health for good.

Low Energy

Ready to get started?

I provide private functional medicine care in Dallas (not insurance based) and take only a handful of motivated patients each month. Are you ready to be my next success story?

Book a discovery call so we can see if the 360 Wellness Gut Revive Dallas Program is right for you.


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